Ice in Sunlight

Ice in Sunlight - Julia Leijon A free read for review from a new author (for me).

The opening pages are captivating as I meet the most acerbic, calculating, distrustful character named, Corwen. His outlook on life has been tainted by life's cruelties,and its not beneath him to share those viewpoints. This excerpt perfectly portrays Corwen's attitude:

Amir just looked sad. “Why do you always look so hard for the worst possible version of reality, Corwen?”

“Because it’s the only one with any truth in it, Your Highness,” Corwen answered and turned over to go to sleep."

In reality Corwen's words ring true - at least to me.

However, a cultured community will ultimately change his outlook. They are a kind and peace loving society and Corwen is astonished they have survived.

Excerpt #2:
Upon arriving in Amir’s kingdom Corwen’s reaction is priceless, “No wonder you all behave like your wits have been stolen by the fairies,” Corwen said, awe had temporarily replaced it. “You live in a fairyland.”

The reading was fluid, active and descriptive, with a riveting suspense-like plot. The author's voice is smooth, almost lyrical as she masterfully conveys her story points and plot. All the characters were genuine with intriguing and entertaining qualities. I'll enjoy re-reading this story again.