Sticks & Stones

Sticks & Stones - Abigail Roux, Madeleine Urban Cut and Run series, Abigail Roux (with Madeleine Urban)

Re-read installment 1 of this contemporary, FBI/Military series (Ty and Zane) then continued to #2… #3… and #4. That wasn’t enough; I had to go buy 5-9, and also the Sidewinder series (Nick and Kelly) 1-3. THEEEEEN! I had to download/read all Ms Roux’s freebies surrounding this series. Let me conclude, I am saddened this series ended. I could have lived on Ty and Zane until my last breath. OH! Did I mention I hail from Maryland – Baltimore and Washington DC are my old stomping grounds. Another reason why I enjoyed this series.

All the installments were action packed, suspenseful and entertaining; in their own right. Some were a bit more angst riddled then others, but the complexity of the characters and the plot made the experience enjoyable and erotic.

• Cut & Run #1: Cut and Run;
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Ty and Zane are paired up to uncover a New York serial killer. However, the killer seems overly intelligent, staying 250 paces ahead of them, or are they too distracted by one another’s erotic appeal?
• Cut & Run #2: Sticks & Stones; suspense in the hills of West Virginia; a camping/hiking trip goes bad when they encounter an angry timber rattler, only to be outdone by felonious treasure hunters - who like to blow things up.
• Cut & Run #3: Fish & Chips; A cruise ship with a round bed, European crime lords, very high places with luckless outcomes, all the while pretending to be a gay couple. Lots of laughs… lots of drama… lots of sex.
• Cut & Run #4: Divide & Conquer; A mad bomber strikes terror in Baltimore. Ty and Zane’s relationship takes several twists and turns – some good, some bad - as they hone in on the offender.
• Cut & Run #5: Armed & Dangerous; Lots of laughs in this story as Ty and Zane struggle to get a fugitive back to headquarters. It doesn’t help when the fugitive is always attempting an escape… yet, it appears one of their own may be impeding their efforts too.
• Cut & Run #6: Stars & Stripes; OMG! Ty is adorable as he gets in touch with his “feline” side; tigers, Main coons seem to be attracted to him. While Zane tried to legacy resolve family issues in Texas, while investigating who’s trying to kill his father.
• Cut & Run #7: Touch & Geaux; Voo-doo, gris-gris curses, an old lover and a drug cartel make for a powerful story.
• Cut & Run #8: Ball & Chain; A Scottish island, a wedding, a murder and espionage. Seems Ty and Zane can’t get away from gunfire, murder and criminals.
• Cut & Run #9: Crash & Burn; The Vega cartel will feel the full wrath of Sidewinder Recon, FBI and CIA. Friendships affirmed while foes identified.
• Cut & Run: Past and Present ficlit; Christmas outtakes involving Ty and Zane, and Nick and Kelly.
• Cut & Run: Outtake ficlit; A deleted scene from the 1st Cut & Run
• Cut & Run: Dine & Dash ficlit; Ty and Zane interlude

• Sidewinder #1.0: Shock & Awe (Bait & Switch); Nick and Kelly’s relationship begins here… sweet, cute and hot.
• Sidewinder #1.1: Shock & Awe ficlit; series cannon
• Sidewinder #1.2: High & Tight ficlit; Nick and Kelly moment
• Sidewinder #1.3: Bait & Switch ficlit (intro);
• Sidewinder #?: Drunk & Disorderly ficlit; Nick and Kelly interlude
• Sidewinder #2.0: Cross & Crown; search for treasure leads Nick and Kelly into robbery, murder and deceit at every turn.
• Sidewinder #3.0: Part & Parcel; A friend sends his buddies on a “Treasure” hunt. Everyone learns a lot on this week long field trip.