Texas Rough

Texas Rough - Sara York Free for Review

Texas cowboys, Lane Daniels and Gresh Miller III push this well written, contemporary western into a natural romance filled with the normal ups and downs of young adult relationships. The characters, Lane and Gresh are adorable, intriguing and fresh.

Along comes a cute Dr. Riley, who spitefully meddles with the cowboys’ happiness. Riley didn’t like Gresh upon first meeting, but he was quite enamored with Lane. Breaking these lovebirds up becomes the Doc’s goal in life.

Over all the read was engrossing and carried its fair share of erotic sex. The typical plot hands over: in-the-closet gay men who can’t allow the family – or friends - to uncover their secret, a parent attempts to marry one of the men off to a woman, and then ugly drama ensues after one of them is harmed. However, there’s a sweet [cute] little twist to this typical gay romance trope. Read it…