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A Case of Spirits (A Charm of Magpies)

A Case of Spirits (A Charm of Magpies) - K.J. Charles Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! Great characters... writing.... historical premise. As usual.

Cheyenne Autumn

Cheyenne Autumn - Mari Sandoz I've read most Nebraska's notable authors, except Mari Sandoz. Cheyenne Autumn was well written, detailed (wordy), as the author's voice lent an air of serenity. Given the content her calm delivery was needed, as I walked away frustrated, angry and saddened by the unfairness, deceit, and cruelty revealed in this read, which I believe was the intended outcome. For historical value I recommend everyone read this work.

Deadly Game

Deadly Game - Christine Feehan Re-read

Murder Game

Murder Game - Christine Feehan Re-read

Dream Warrior

Dream Warrior - Sherrilyn Kenyon Re-read

Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter, #1)

Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter, #1) - Sherrilyn Kenyon Re-read


Bound By Flames - Jeaniene Frost Action packed, fast-paced story! The characters were as expected; real, believable and vivid. The story read smoothly, as the world supported its premise.

Crack Shot: Western Erotica

Crack Shot: Western Erotica - Dale Chase Another earthy historical western from Dale Chase. Well written with genuine world building and characterizations.

Dangerous Ground

Dangerous Ground - Josh Lanyon I love Josh Lanyon's writing, so its redundant to say the writing was excellent and true to the suspenseful story line and its characterizations. :)

Texas Rough

Texas Rough - Sara York Free for Review

Texas cowboys, Lane Daniels and Gresh Miller III push this well written, contemporary western into a natural romance filled with the normal ups and downs of young adult relationships. The characters, Lane and Gresh are adorable, intriguing and fresh.

Along comes a cute Dr. Riley, who spitefully meddles with the cowboys’ happiness. Riley didn’t like Gresh upon first meeting, but he was quite enamored with Lane. Breaking these lovebirds up becomes the Doc’s goal in life.

Over all the read was engrossing and carried its fair share of erotic sex. The typical plot hands over: in-the-closet gay men who can’t allow the family – or friends - to uncover their secret, a parent attempts to marry one of the men off to a woman, and then ugly drama ensues after one of them is harmed. However, there’s a sweet [cute] little twist to this typical gay romance trope. Read it…

A Plain, Ordinary Cowboy

A Plain, Ordinary Cowboy - Jan  Irving Re-read

Lonely Cowboy

Lonely Cowboy - Jan  Irving Re-read

A Cowboy In Ravenna

A Cowboy  In Ravenna - Jan  Irving Re-read

Rough Ride

Rough Ride - Carol Lynne Re-read

Sweet Topping

Sweet Topping - Carol Lynne Re-read

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy - Carol Lynne Re-read

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